Just Tap and make your Mac secured.

Just Tap

Tap, Tap,

"Tap" is unique, interesting unlock utility.

You can unlock your Mac using multi-touch and drawing simple gestures on Trackpad or Magic Trackpad.

The number of finger becomes a character of password.
Also you can draw gesture and it also becomes a character of password.

One gesture = A character of password.
The number of fingers = A character of password.

So you can make your own unique password with multi-touch and gesture.



Tap is easy to use.
The only thing you need to unlock your Mac is your fingers.

tap with one finger

Tap with one finger

tap with two finger

You can use more than two fingers

actually, every finger you can use

You can use gesture

you can use gesture, too

Or... Both of them

Lower, Lower, Lower, Low!

Tap uses little battery and memory, even less than Finder!

Average Energy Impact

Finder - 1.4Finder


Preview - 0.3Preview


Tap - 0.3Tap


Spotlight - 0.2Spotlight


Memory Used

Dock - 60.6MbDock

60.6 MB

Finder - 51.7MbFinder

51.7 MB

Tap - 36MbTap

36 MB

Create Your Own Pattern

Using Tap, you can create your unique password using multi-touch tapping, drawing gesture, or even using both of them.

Don't Be Wrong

Before Tap, we had to type every password at the time. And we typed wrong passwords many times. But now, you don't have to worry about that!

Make Your Own Tap

You can make your own Tap adding a custom feature like "Signature on Tap!" (Exclusive on Kickstarter)

Just Tap to buy Tap

Get powerful features and security with a price of a cup of coffee.

You can also use Trial before buying Tap :)

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